Make Our Technology Yours

Inspired by the complexity and ever changing needs of our clients - both existing and potential, we have invested in modern and hi-capacity machines and tools and blended put behind them young men and women well trained and groomed to give our customers TOTAL SATISFACTION. We are not cowed by volumes or tight deadlines ..... Our machines, with their numbers and capacity will do great volumes well within the agreed timelines yet without compromising on quality. Quite often, we leave them asking for more......

Digital A4 and A3

This is one among several machines in our Production Centers that have made us the first and put us well ahead in the region. Our Digital Production Press machine, with a resolution of 2400x2400 dpi and its Speed of 70 pages per minute we are assured of giving our clients sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality with consistence never seen before. Your Job colors will look the same today any other time you come back.

Digital wide Format

As a company we have said no to the wave and general trend in this area where customers are treated to something just close to what they really want, or what is available. We have maintained the high resolution clear quality printing - with superior color consistence by using the eco solvent machines (Rolland Printer and a separate Rolland Cutter Machine) as opposed to the cheap and easy to run Chinese machines. We have also maintained the use of the original inks allowing us opportunity to serve clients who are looking for exact corporate colors, some travelling all the way from Nairobi.

Digital Black and White

With our three hi-speed heavy duty Xerox black and white printers/copiers/scanners, with a combined speed of 145 copies/prints per minute; a wide format printer/copier/scanner - the only one of its kind in the region; two laser A4/A3 color printers/copiers/scanners with a combined speed of 65 copies/prints per minute; and a host of other modern equipment you need not worry about quality or timely delivery - no matter what the volumes may be.

Offset Printing

We have applied the latest technology in offset printing. With our machines (printers, guillotines, plate makers, creasing and trimming machines) work has been made easier and the process shorter. Your offset work no longer has to wait, and the quality is the best you have ever set your eyes on.