Our Work Team

Capacity Statement - Staff:

We have a carefully selected and well groomed team of robust dedicated professionals with vast experience and a galaxy of talents in their respective fields. When they put in their brains and hands in your jobs you will get nothing less than the best.

Jacob Meza Isaac - Director / General Manager

Jacob, who has a Business and Marketing background carries the Vision that is Docucare. With over 15 years experience in the printing business, and having worked in Xerox Kenya in different capacities including Press, Marketing, Operations and Management he has a wealth of experience to ensure that your printing needs are taken care of to the fullest. He leads a team that is set to make lines of history.

Ezra Mobisa Areba - Director / Technical Services Manager

Ezra has over 15 years experience in the printing industry, also having worked for Xerox Kenya as a Quality Assurance Supervisor in the Facility Management Centre then based at the Kenya Ports Authority, he will make sure nothing is left to chance. What you expect, you get even better.

Ms Caroline Wambui Kuria - Director

Ms Caroline Kuria is an entrepreneur and hardworking lady with a Business Management Training. She has worked for several companies including Xerox Kenya Limited for 10 years in the capacity of a Facility Manager at the Xerox Kenya's Kenya Ports Authority Printing Press. Carol brings to the board the lady eye and all her experience thus making sure that the company stays on focus.

Peter Mwingow Chirima - Director

Peter is a banker with over 20 years experience and a businessman with clout and a wealth of experience. He acts as the wise man and makes sure that the Company Vision, Mission and Growth orientation are achievable and within scope. His management and banking experience brings in sound financial and management principles and practices.

Our Management, Accounts, Marketing, Offset Press, Operations, Graphics, Human Resources and Administration Departments form the pillars of our establishment and comprise and/or are manned by men and women with immense talents and experience, and great abilities to make your Design, Print, Scan & Branding works stand out.