Why Work With Us?


The Docucare Ltd. is a registered company duly registered since 2008.

Our Core business is in the provision of solutions in Design, Print, Scan, & Branding.


To be a leading Documents, Creative Graphic Design and Branding solutions provider


We shall endeavor to keep abreast with the innovations of modern technology so as to offer competitive Documents, Creative Graphic Design and Branding solutions; contribute towards a robust economy and give value to our employees and shareholders input


  • •To build and foster a good working business relationship in consultancy and services pertaining to Creative Graphic Design, Documents & Branding solutions
  • •To seek and appreciate God's grace and uphold His teachings and guidance
  • •To give value to employees and shareholders input
  • •To be responsible corporate citizen and to ascribe to the morals and values of society
  • Core Values

    We will at all times employ and apply, as well as comply with universally acceptable moral standards in everything we do.


    Our Company brings together carefully selected men and women groomed and mentored to work together and hand in hand in every step of our service delivery, because we have a common cause.

    Customer Focus

    We combine our diversity of talent, functions and attributes to serve our customers passionately and diligently - with one common goal: to give the customers a wonderful experience, because they are the reason we are here.

    Community Support

    We will at every available opportunity lead, support and be a part of any community activities and initiatives that seek to make earth a better place to live in, because we are, and we are proud to be a part of the community


    We believe in the power of God and Fellowship, championing His cause and appreciating his mercy at every opportunity... for we know without him we wouldn't be who we are or where we are